Tuesday, 29 December 2009

2010 Election manifesto released

Launching the Election Manifesto of the Left Front, Common Left Candidate Dr. Vickramabahu Karunaratne told Journalists in Colombo on the 28th of December that both the main candidates in the Presidential race are agents of foreign powers.

"It is a double headed serpent," he said.

At the media briefing held at the Nippon Hotel in Colombo 2 Dr. Vickramabahu was joined by Tamil Presidential Candidate MK Shivajilingam. He said that It is impossible for minorities to accept the concept of a unitary state. Dr. Vickramabahu said that the 13th amendment to the constitution does not fulfil the aspirations of the minorities, especially Tamils.

The following also briefed the media. Rev. Yohan Devananda. Comrade Surendra Ajith - Ceylon Communist Party (Maoist). Comrade Sajith Sri Lakmal - United Workers Party. Comrade Chanakya Silva - Sama Samaja Alternative Group. Comrade Vallipuram Thiranavukkarasu - Left Front.

Vickramabahu in Video

Shivajilingam in Video

2010 Manifesto http://www.nssp.info/Election/Manifesto_left_front.pdf

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