Wednesday, 6 January 2010

President and General both responsible for crimes against Tamils – Bahu and Shivaji in Vavunia

At a demonstration held in Vavunia where hundreds of family members of disappeared participated, Common Left Candidate Dr. Vickramabahu Karunaratne accused both the main candidates in the presidential election of war crimes that claimed the lives of tens of thousands of Tamils.

“Mahinda and Sarath are the ones who know what happened to them,” he said.

“Tell us where they are how they disappeared and where they are held. If they are killed tell us how and show us what happened to their bodies,” Dr. Vickramabahu appealed.

He further stated that the whole world will be told how both Mahinda Rajapaksa and Sarath Fonseka are killers.

TNA and SF

Tamil Presidential Candidate MK Shivajilingam who took part in the demonstration addressing the relatives said that the main culprits who are responsible for these atrocities are coming shamelessly begging for votes.

“Even some Tamil leaders have fallen behind these two who massacred the Tamils and destroyed schools, hospitals and houses. We will not bow down and will fight against them until the truth is revealed,” he told the gathering.

The TNA parliamentarian said that although the leadership of the Tamil National Alliance has announced their support for Sarath Fonseka it was not the wish of all TNA MPs and supporters.

In the demonstration organized by the Committee for the Investigation of Dissapearances(CID), relatives holding photographs of their loved ones who disappeared during and after the war marched the streets of Vavunia along with the Common Left Candidate and the Tamil Presidential Candidate .

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