Wednesday, 20 January 2010

US want to replace failed President with a General – Bahu

The US that lost faith in President Rajapaksa who could not confront the massive strikes in the petroleum sector and the port that came in the wake of the plantation sector strike have decided to replace him with a new leadership said Dr. Vickramabahu Karunaratne.

Addressing a public meeting in Wellawatta, the Common Left Candidate said that international masters have decided to replace Rajapaksa who failed in the face of workers with another man who was in the same camp, General Fonseka.

“After General Fonseka was taken to the Pentagon to cleanse the blood on him from killing Tamils in the north, he was passed over to Delhi to be anointed by the Brahmins, before returning to Sri Lanka dressed up in white,” said Bahu.

Therefore, Comrade Bahu pointed out that Fonseka is the new man sent by the global masters to safeguard the same oppressive system that is today led by Rajapaksa.

The power of minorities

Addressing the gathering Tamil Presidential Candidate MK Shivajilingam said that the vote of minorities in Sri Lanka is crucial.

He pointed out that the Sinhala majority is made up of only 70% of voters.

“Even among them over five percent are non Buddhists. They too are a minority,” said Shivajilingam MP.

He further said, “If we are to build a strong movement to fight for minority rights, we need to get together and stop Rajapaksa or Fonseka getting 50%”.

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