Sunday, 3 January 2010

We will continue with the struggle of Tamils - Bahu in Jaffna

Addressing voters in Jaffna the Common Left Candidate said that the the Tamil struggle is not over although the LTTE leadership was decimated with the help of India and other foreign forces.

Comrade Vickramabahu Karunaratne was touring Jaffna after twenty years. He was accompanied by Tamil Presidential Candidate MK Shivajilingam.

In Jaffna Comrade Vickramabahu and MP Shivajilingam addresed meetings in Nallur, Achchuveli, Nelliady, Chunnakam and Uduppiddy.

"We will continue the Tamil national struggle in the political arena for autonomy and slelf determination," said Com. Vickramabahu.

He further said that even after the Tamil militancy was defeated in an ocean of blood and tears, the rulers who had a song and dance about it could not live happily as planned.
He said that those who crushed the Tamils will have to pay for the blood and tears that has been shed.

Struggles in the south

"The workers struggles that sprang up in the south saying that they cannot bear the burden of the war, forced the government to call an election before time," said Com. Bahu.

Tamil Presidential Candidate MK Shivajilingam called upon Tamil not to give a single vote for either of the two main candidates who are trying to claim the spoils of the war.

He said that people should vote for either him or Vickramabahu in order to stop getting either the present president or the former army commander getting 50% of votes in the presidential elections.

Comrades Ajith Surendra Rupasinghe of the Ceylon communist party (Maoist) and V Thirunavukkarasu of the Left Front also spoke.

Watch Comrade Vickramabahu in jaffna

Watch MP Shivajilingam in Jaffna

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